Advanced mentoring program for ScrumMasters

Advanced ScrumMaster program

Scrum Alliance A-CSM
through coaching and mentoring

Who will benefit from this program?

A-CSM program is tailored for ScrumMasters with several years of experience who want to improve their skills and become excellent ScrumMasters, self-efficient people and cognizant agile practitioners. Program is organized into 6 sprints in which participants research, learn, practice, self-reflect and adjust their approach with constant feedback.

Program is for Program is NOT for
experienced ScrumMastersAgile and Scrum beginners
In addition to integrating knowledge, program demands practical application of that knowledge within the team or organization.Agile and Scrum basics are prerequisites. Program focuses on advanced topics and practical application.
improving self-awarenessfast certification
by rising awareness of personal interventions, interactions, thoughts patterns and action.
program last between 6-8 weeks and certification is received only after learning objectives are verified.
enjoyers of interactive learningenjoyers of passive lectures
high engagement and knowledge exchange in the group and in 1:1 sessions with the coach are a must for learning. learning is done via group interactions, independent research, experimentation, and feedback with the coach.
people committed to self-masterypeople „sent“ to training
program is based on self-organization, self-reflection and application of Scrum and Agile values and principles on oneself. program is not based on session attendance, it demands self-organization, dedication and commitment – time, energy and high motive.

The What & How of the Program

A-CSM program is coaching and mentoring program which is designed to apply Scrum principles on participants and learning process.

What you get:

  • Support for 42 Learning Objectives – these are abilities you get after the program which are validated by the coach and designed by Scrum Alliance (A-CSM LOs list)
  • 15 hours of group, interactive learning – knowledge exchange, interaction, practice and discussion in the learning group
  • 10 hours of individual coaching sessions – continuous and personalized feedback in 1:1 coaching sessions with Scrum Alliance CTC (Certified team coach).
  • Personal development action plan – at the end of the program we will co-create personal development action plan for further self-improvement.
  • Scrum Alliance certificate* – Scrum Alliance Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM).
    * Requirements: coach has verified that all learning objectives are met + one year of ScrumMaster experience + Scrum Alliance CSM.

How do you get this:

  • Online, zoom & mural – zoom conference calls and work in a digital collaborative tool (mural) which is also a digital workbook.
  • Learning in iterations – 6 two-week sprints. Every sprint consists of Learning Objectives set, 150 min of group work, 90 min of 1:1 work with the coach and independent study.
  • You are the product and the increment – ScrumMaster, with newly integrated skills, self-awareness and knowledge (Learning Objectives).
  • Every Learning is a PBI – it has it’s own acceptance criteria, definition of done and delivery standards.
  • Self-organization and flexibility – you will have a lot of freedom in how you deliver PBIs (Learning Objectives), you are expected to self-organize your learning each learning sprint.

ProgramDynamicPrice (RSD)Price (EUR)
Group program (3 – 8 people)
15h group + 10h 1:1 coaching
12 – 16 weeks,
group sessions on fixed dates
individual session per agreement
individual program
25 1:1 coaching hours
6 – 24 weeks,
all dates per agreement
Miloš Zeković Agilizator PR is not in the VAT system Registration for Scrum Alliance-i (75 USD) is included in the price.
Payment for residents of Serbia is in RSD only. Contact if you want installments. Discounts for personal payments and no certification.